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Watch Your Club’s Income Grow

Medalyst helps you manage your club’s finances online, with ease and security. You can create and assign fees to your athletes and enable them to pay online using Stripe. Medalyst reminds them automatically if they miss a payment so all you have to do is watch your club’s income grow.

Create and assign fees

Set up and assign fees to your athletes (e.g. membership fees, event fees, or equipment fees) and customize them as needed.

Receive payments

Enable your athletes (or their parents) to pay the fees online, using a secure and reliable payment platform. We integrated Stripe so you can receive the payments instantly and automatically in your account.

Issue invoices automatically

Medalyst automatically sends invoices to your members via email.

Send automatic reminders

No more awkward conversations about missed payments. Remind athletes or parents automatically when they miss a payment deadline.

View & manage your club’s financial status

Access and display the financial status of your club using dashboards, charts, graphs, or tables. See your income and expenses, and track the fees and payments.

"Medalyst has simplified the billing and payment process for my club. I can easily create and assign fees, and receive payments online, without any hassle."

A manager

"It is now convenient for me to pay the fees for my kids' sports club. I can see the fees and pay them online, and I can trust there will be no issues."

A parent

"Medalyst provides me a real-time overview of the financial status of my club. I can see the income and expenses; track the fees and payments; so I can plan accordingly."

A financial manager

Start data-driven budgeting

Use the financial data to plan and budget for your club: set goals, allocate resources, or save costs.


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