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The Performance Tracker That Makes Your Athletes Shine (Like Stars)

With Medalyst, you can rate your athletes’ performance using a 5-star system, write glowing reports, and show off their achievements in dashboards, charts, graphs, and tables. You can also use the data to help them reach their full potential and make them feel like stars.

Create and Manage Events

Schedule and organize events, such as training sessions, matches, or tournaments, and assign them to your athletes.

Evaluate and Rate Performance

Record and review the performance of your athletes, using a 5-star rating system, written reports, and further criteria.

View and Share Performance Data

Access and display the performance data of your athletes, using dashboards, charts, graphs, and tables. Share the data with the athletes, parents, coaches, and administrators, as needed.

Gamification, leaderboards and badges

Coming soon.

"Medalyst helps me to monitor and improve the performance of my athletes. I can easily see their progress, provide feedback, and recognize their achievements."

A coach

"With Medalyst it is now easier for me to track and manage my performance. I can see how I perform, compare myself with others, and get tips from my coach."

An athlete

"As a parent, I need insights into the performance of my daughter. Medalyst lets me see how she rates during the events and how she improver over time."

A parent

Start Making Data-Driven Decisions

Use the performance data to make informed decisions, such as selecting the best athletes for a competition, or identifying areas of improvement.


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