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59% of athletes have missed important information before because of chaotic communication within the club.

Did you know?

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Empower Instant Communication for Better Athlete Engagement

Because communication is key to success, Medalyst offers a streamlined platform where coaches, athletes and parents can connect instantly. Receive important updates, respond promptly, and ensure everyone stays on the same page without effort.

(Coming soon)

Send and receive instant messages. Exchange messages with coaches, parents and athletes. Communicate with specific groups or individuals, or send to everyone.

Chat instantly with the members

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Enable parents, athletes and coaches to share match photos, news etc. with each other.

Enable the community to connect

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Did you just win an important match? Let everyone know. Share news, performance updates, announcements with a team or the entire club. Athletes get instantly notified of news.

Share news with the athletes

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"Medalyst has improved the communication within my club. I can receive notifications of important updates, and reminders of upcoming events."

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"My favourite part is that I can receive feedback on my performance during trainings and matches and my coach sends me monthly reports too.

An athlete

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